Explore our portfolio to see the practical application of our e-commerce roots. Each project tells a story of strategic development, creative execution, and effective results. Our work ranges from creating e-commerce platforms to establishing a strong social media presence. We’re not just about achieving digital marketing goals, we’re about surpassing them.


Happy Hemp

At iKash Marketing, our success stories include dynamic brands like Happy Hemp. We implemented a digital marketing strategy infused with focused SEO practices, significantly enhancing their online presence and driving increased online traffic and sales. Our efforts resulted in substantial growth for Happy Hemp, solidifying their place in the industry.



In another success story, we partnered with JustCBD, harnessing the power of engaging content and email marketing strategies. Our efforts in harmonizing their brand voice across various platforms led to a significant boost in customer engagement and conversion rates. JustCBD is now a dominant player in their industry, thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team.



With Reposé, we employed strategic social media management and influencer marketing tactics, substantially growing their digital footprint. Our strategies led to increased brand awareness and customer engagement, firmly establishing Reposé in their market.


Mindful Lotus Therapy

In the mental health sector, we worked with Mindful Lotus Therapy, helping them stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Through a carefully crafted content marketing strategy and empathetic social media management, we amplified their online visibility, driving a significant increase in client appointments. Our ongoing efforts have resulted in a solid digital presence for Mindful Lotus Therapy, proving the power of personalized marketing.